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Monster Hunter Freedom 3 for PSP

Posted by angelvhin On 7:00 AM 3 comments

Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1
Release Date: Q4 2010
Exclusively on: PlayStation Portable

( We are excited about this game!!!! i hope it release already :D )

The hunt is on again with this third entry in the Monster Hunter franchise for PlayStation Portable. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 is a hunting action game that puts the player in the boots of a fearless hunter tracking down and fighting ferocious monsters in a breathtaking natural expanse. This third PSP game adds new elements of communication while enhancing the feel and beloved game play of the series. New features include the introduction of brand new regions and monsters to the series and an improved Felyne Comrade System.


First look Trailer:

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3 Response for the "Monster Hunter Freedom 3 for PSP"

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  2. TrueJeFF says:
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  3. TrueJeFF says:

    Hello, i really like your blog design. Do update more often! would love to see more posts ^^.

    mhp3 has finally released! I tried it yesterday. Nice game, I've posted the patch on my blog here if you need one.

    I hope this helps! Cheers!