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Disgaea Infinite for PSP

Posted by angelvhin On 1:11 PM 1 comments

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: NIS
Developer: NIS
Release Date: June 8, 2010
MSRP: $19.99
Exclusively on: PlayStation Portable

Disgaea Infinite is a visual novel adventure based on the character and environment of the RPG franchise. You play as Prinny, and will see many familiar faces from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, including as Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Gordon and more! Disgaea Infinite is not like any other Disgaea series, but for fans of the franchise, the title is packed with ridiculous humor and fun fan service!

In Disgaea Infinite, players will use "time traveling" and "possession" to solve mysteries. The game initially begins by traveling back in time. You will then possess other characters to gather info/clues. By possessing the characters, you can read their minds and see through their eyes. Some characters might be thinking something completely different as they talk to others. By possessing different characters, you will gradually find out who the true culprit is.




Monster Hunter Freedom 3 for PSP

Posted by angelvhin On 7:00 AM 3 comments

Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1
Release Date: Q4 2010
Exclusively on: PlayStation Portable

( We are excited about this game!!!! i hope it release already :D )

The hunt is on again with this third entry in the Monster Hunter franchise for PlayStation Portable. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 is a hunting action game that puts the player in the boots of a fearless hunter tracking down and fighting ferocious monsters in a breathtaking natural expanse. This third PSP game adds new elements of communication while enhancing the feel and beloved game play of the series. New features include the introduction of brand new regions and monsters to the series and an improved Felyne Comrade System.


First look Trailer:

Source: ,

Developer Square Enix HexaDrive
Publisher Square Enix
Designer Hajime Tabata (director), Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura, Isamu Kamikokuryo, Motomu Toriyama
Composer Yōko Shimomura
Series Parasite Eve
Platform PlayStation Portable
Release date JP 2010
Genre Third-person shooter
Mode Single-player
Media UMD, Digital Download

The 3rd Birthday (Za Sādo Bāsudei?) is an upcoming video game from Square Enix. The game is being developed for the PlayStation Portable and will mark the third entry in the Parasite Eve series after Parasite Eve 2, which was released in 2000. Very little information about the plot has been released. In April 2010, Yoichi Wada CEO of Square Enix mentioned in an interview that the game would be released in 2010.

The 3rd Birthday is a spin-off of the Parasite Eve series, which is why "Parasite Eve" has been excluded from its title. The title references the third appearance of Aya Brea and the significant changes for the design of the game compared to its predecessors. However, as it has the number "3" in the name and is the third game in the "Parasite Eve" series, fans have been referring to the game as "Parasite Eve 3".


Director Hajime Tabata has described the game as a "true third person shooter," but that it will be different than other games of the genre such as Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. He noted that the gameplay and plot are intertwined due to an ability called "overdrive" which Aya will use to both examine and fight the game's enemies, the "Twisted." Shown at a trailer at Tokyo Game Show, camera will be over the shoulder, such as in games like Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space.


Late night on Christmas Eve, Aya and the other members of CTI: New York are called into headquarters in response to an outbreak of attacks in Manhattan by creatures called Twisted. These creatures emerged from a mysterious time distortion.

Aya is the main focus of this game. Due to her special powers, she still has the body of a woman in her 20s, although in terms of age she should actually be 35 years old. Motomu Toriyama, the scenario director, feels that it is rare to be able to focus on a woman in her mid 30s in a game and is taking the opportunity to properly depict the thinking and lifestyle of a cool woman.[5] Square Enix announced the title at their 2007 party in Japan for the gaming press. A promotional teaser has also been released which shows Aya in wedding garb.


The game was originally announced as a mobile phone title. However, at the private fan event DKΣ3713 in August 2008, it was announced that The 3rd Birthday was also being developed for the PSP[8] with no mention of the previously-announced mobile phone version. In the Tokyo Game Show presskits, it was confirmed that the game would be exclusive to the PSP.

A teaser trailer was shown at the Tokyo Game Show. The trailer recaps the events of Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 before switching to the events of The 3rd Birthday. Aya is in a street with snow falling. She looks up, concerned, as a vortex opens. The trailer continues with a man offering Aya his hand. She flings it away and the camera focuses on Aya as she shoots him. Whilst this is happening, a remix of the original theme can be heard. The trailer concludes with a creature emerging from the vortex into the street. Aya does battle with the creature and just as it attacks her, the camera pans into her eyes hinting at the possible return of parasite energy. The trailer ends with the logo of The 3rd Birthday and confirms that the game will be exclusive to the PSP.

Another trailer was released, this time the same trailer that was presented in the DKΣ3713 event. After also recapping the events of Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II, Aya Brea is seen walking down the aisle in an empty church. As she reaches the altar a shadowy figure is seen in the doorway behind her. As she starts to turn, the mystery person opens fire with a rifle. Aya takes out her handgun, and just as she is about to shoot the figure turns and appears to be carrying someone. A wedding ring falls to the floor on the steps nearby. Blood on the floor begins to swallow the ring and once it has, the camera zooms into the ring with the same effect as zooming into Aya's eye in the previous trailer. The lights turn yellow and change into "The 3rd Birthday" logo, again confirming that the 3rd Birthday will be exclusive to the PSP.

Issue 6/5 of Famitsu has an interview of Tetsuya Nomura where he says that the first few stages of the game are already playable.

Magazine Screenshot:

Iron Man 2 for PSP

Posted by angelvhin On 5:42 PM 0 comments

Genre: Action
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: High Voltage Software
Release Date: May 04, 2010
MSRP: $29.95
Also on: PS3, X360, Wii, DS, Cell

Based on the sequel to the blockbuster movie, Iron Man 2 features a refined game engine to give players an entirely new and enhanced gameplay experience. The game allows players to truly feel the power of Iron Man with new destructible environments, epic enemies, and innovative hand-to-hand combat moves. This brand-new tale takes gamers deeper into the world of Iron Man, adding to the excitement of the Marvel Studios film.

Iron Man 2 offers fans a chance to play against epic enemies not found in the film of the same name, such as the unforgettable Crimson Dynamo. In the game's original story, Tony Stark has gifted the world with new technology in order to make it a better place. His philanthropic nature isn't enough to keep evil at bay, however, as Iron Man's enemies have crafted their own devious designs based on the technology. Ultimately, Iron Man will face epic battles against huge enemies, as the fate of the world is left in his powerful hands.